Le Girocèdre (Puymeras) Tel. 04 90 46 50 67: in the shade of the vineyard of this centenary vine, the wine “bio” as an aperitif opens us the appetite. The card will invite you to make bombance, grilled breasts to the piece of beef to the anchoïade. The local wines are endearing and surprising. Cedric will give you his valuable advice. Website Average price 30 € / person

. Le Verre à Soie (Nyons) Tel. 04 75 26 15 18: in the center of Nyons, place des arcades, wine restaurant, a trip between the flavors of Provence and Asia, fine cuisine and refined. The advice of Jerome for the wines, the kindness of Charlotte in the kitchen. Average price 30 € / person

Fleur Bleue (Le Crestet) Tél. 04 90 36 23 45: an original cuisine mixing Provence and the Low Countries. Exceptional flavors, a subtle decor that mixes deco and flea market, a friendly terrace a very warm welcome. Lunch or dinner not to be missed Website Average price 25 € / person

L’Auberge (Brantes) Tel. 04 75 28 01 68: after a walk in the valley of Toulourenc The Auberge welcomes you summer and winter. A kitchen of “women” (Grand Mother, Mother and Girl) simple products fresh a very sweet price in an exceptional environment on the terrace in fine weather. Not to be missed for lunch … Website Average price 20 € / person

Le Laurier (Faucon) Tel. 04 90 46 55 54: warm welcome, only based on fresh products and good quality, organic to the maximum. It highlights these products through a refined gastronomy, simple and not elitist. Website average price 30 € / person

Le Saint-Hubert (Entrechaux) Tel. 04 90 46 00 05: in a deco a little “kitch” cuisine delicious, traditional but elegant. Specialist game for lovers … Hearty dishes. Website Average price 30 € / person

La Boulangerie des Tilleuls (Falcon) Tel. 04 90 36 12 91 (only for lunch): for a little hunger in a friendly and friendly environment. Excellent salty and sweet tarts, dishes cooked in the baker’s oven. Website Average price 15 € / people

Le Barrys Bar (Puymeras) Tel. 04 90 35 04 53: the map is simple but everyone finds its happiness there. More than reasonable prices for homemade dishes with fresh produce. Website Average price 15 € / person

  • Le 915 (Vaison La romaine) Tel 04 90 62 64 32 very nice map of brewery, fresh products, accras, burgers and Wok in a relaxed and friendly, industrial setting “trendy”. Website Average price 20 € / person

L’Annexe (Vaison La Romaine) Tel. 04 90 36 00 03: good dishes of brasserie cuisine, you can also taste salty and sweet crêpes in a friendly atmosphere. Website Average price 20 € / person

• Le resto des arts (Nyons) Tel. 04 75 26 31 49: refined cuisine, the quality of its welcome, the charm and originality of its setting have enabled the Resto des arts to acquire an excellent reputation and to build customer loyalty; Attention no terrace. Website Average price 30 € / person

Le bistrot du “O” (Vaison La Romaine – Upper Town) Tel. +33 (0) 4 90 41 72 90: restaurant of very high quality, excellent cuisine with fresh products, plates as beautiful to see that to taste … table inventive, surprising, welcoming, a passionate chef, a sommelier with amazing resources! ! Website Average price 40 € / person

• Lum (Vaison La Romaine) Tel. 04 90 28 79 10: restaurant of very high quality, excellent cuisine with fresh products, … inventive table, surprising, welcoming, a passionate chef Average price 40 € / person


Domaine La Roche de Buissière (Faucon) Tel. 04 90 46 49 14: AOC Côtes du Rhône red and rosé, AOC oil and olives from Nyons. Wines vinified naturally with native yeast and sulfur-free breeding to be closer to the expression of the grape and the terroir. Website

• Domaine du Faucon Doré (Faucon) Tél. 04 90 46 46 01: The estate benefits from the organic label (Demeter). The approach is deepened in biodynamic viticulture. The Golden Hawk is available in three colors. Website

• Domaine Saint Apollinaire (Puymeras) Tél. 04 90 46 41 09: All production has been cultivated in biodynamics since 1967 with Ecocert and Demeter certification. The grapes are hand-picked and sorted, the wines are free of synthetic chemicals and produced in respect of the soil. They are available in three colors. Website

Cave Beaume de Venise (Beaume de Venise) Tel. 04 90 12 41 00: Nestled at the foot of the Massif des Dentelles in Montmirail, the Vignerons de Beaumes de Venise was created in 1956 by a handful of winegrowers, rich in knowledge and ideas, convinced of the potential and the typicity Of the Muscat terroir. 60 years later, the cellar remains the reference of the Cru Muscat de Beaumes de Venise and the Cru Beaumes de Venise rouge. Website To note 10% discount on all your purchases from L’Escapade


Our favorite products are a selection of essentially local and organic products that we particularly like and want to share with you. You can especially enjoy them during the breakfasts … and find them at the following addresses:

Pains, Viennoiseries:

La Boulangerie des Tilleuls à Faucon Tel. 04 90 36 12 91 Boulangerie Emile Bec avenue Marcel Pagnol in Vaison La Romaine Tel. 04 90 62 50 07

Fruit juice, apricots, cherries, olive oil, tapenade ….

Lili, Olivier and Matthias Bouchet L’aire du chateau Merindol les Oliviers Tel. 04 75 28 72 60

• Cheese specialties:

Lou Castou Josiane Deal (MOF), rue Raspail in Vaison la Romaine Website Tel. 04 90 36 31 30

• Organic fruits and vegetables (Bio):

Ferme La Maffaite in Merindol les Oliviers Tel. 04 75 28 72 30

• Butcher

Boucherie Raymond 14 rue Maquis in Vaison La Romaine Website Tel. 04 90 62 10 84