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Merindol les Oliviers

A “terrior” of local products: Truffle

The prestigious “black diamond”, which used to eaten regularly, has become rare. Nowadays it is considered a delicacy, available at the best restaurants, or directly from a “trufficulteur”.

It’s particular characteristics have made it a mysterious and unique product: it’s underground life,  charcoal colour with a woody fragrance and pungent taste.

This mushroom seems to have found it’s natural home in ours region. It grows under scrub oak trees, called “chene truffier”. The soil must ideally be rich in limestone with a mediterranean climate.

Truffles are harvested during the winter months.  They are ‘hunted’ with a dog that is trained to sniff out the truffles. They use a ‘fouji’ (hook-like tool) to dig up the truffle.

Truffle markets : Richerenches on Saturdays – Carpentras on Fridays.
Truffles can also be bought in Puymeras which is on the road to Nyons (Plantin establishment)

Vaison la Romaine


Known as one of the 100 Most Beautiful detours in France, Vaison-la-Romaine is renowned for its heritage.

A feeling of its glorious past permeates the modern city.  Under open skies the ancient Roman ruins expose the remains of ancient Vasio Vocontiorum, the capital of the people of Voconces.

Its amphitheatre, museum, cathedral with cloisters, are beautiful relics from the great empire. The perched medieval city with its churches, narrow alleys, old stone town houses and galleries, illustrates the panoramic history of its inhabitants.

The contemporary era is enriched by the original works of sculptors Fabienne Verse and Serge Boyer. Engraved monoliths arranged at the entrance of the city, in the form of a poetic and philosophical garden. Discover the Garden of 9 Damsels.

Shady squares of plane trees, sparkling fountains, shopping streets, welcoming terraces of cafes, bars and restaurants, and of course, the exceptional market with many scents and colours of the South, mean Vaison-la-Romaine offers all the charms of an authentic Provençal town.

The Mont Ventoux “giant of Provence” (1901m)


Mont Ventoux dominates this region. Cycling history has been made on this legendary mountain. Lavender fields, vineyards, cherry orchards, and wild forest grace its lower slopes. From its summit views stretch out towards the Alps in the north, and south towards the Mediterranean.

For people who like being out in nature, the mountain offers many beautiful walks, and a variety of sporty activities. Mountain biking trails with special downhill runs. Cart descents. There is even a ski station where you can ski, snowboard, or do cross country skiing in winter. Mont Ventoux is rich in flora and fauna: game birds, boar, deer, rock rabbit, along with many local delicacies like truffles, cherries, strawberries.

Nyons – home to the Olive and Lavender



Nyons is the ‘capital’ of Baronnies hills area. This medeival town lies at the bottom of a rocky outcrop. Beyond the hills it is surrounded by medium sized mountains (Essailon,Garde Grosse, Saint-Jaume, Vaux). Sheltered from the wind, with regular sunshine throughout the year, it is nicknamed ‘le petit Nice’ for it’s temperate climate.

Discover the old medieval town, the ‘quartier des Forts’ with its narrow lanes and passageways, the Walking Tour, the classified Roman monumental 43m unsupported arched bridge… Not forgetting the Lavender and Olive routes…